World leader in HiTech LED solutions.

As a manufacturer, systems integrator and content producer, we R&D,producing,sourcing and distributing all kind of LED products.

  • Product Range

    Product Range

    Our product range encompasses all areas of LED technology,including all kind of LED components,
    LED lights,indoor and outdoor LED screens.

    Come to HiTechLED,you will buy the best LEDs and get the best services which ensure your investment worthful.

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  • OEM & ODM

    OEM & ODM

    We welcom OEM & ODM cooperation!

    Our expertise and experience is evident in our range of products and services and ensures that we are able to serve you and create more value.

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  • Innovation


    Ideas never limit!

    we are built upon a culture of differentiation through innovation and market firsts, and all of our products and services are built around this philosophy.

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  • Industry Leading Support

    Why choose LED light ?

    The obvious advantages of LED light are energe-saving and evironment-protection.

    Comparing with incandescent light and CFL,LED light have much longer life time,its working temperature is wider,its response faster,low heat...

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  • Design and Project Management

    Why choose our LED sign ?

    From monocolor moving signs to LED digital billboard,mobile displays,stadium displays,we have full range of solutions.

    we are able to advise on and manage all aspects of your project, ensuring it runs smoothly within your budget.

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Hot Promotion LED

Why our OUTDOOR SMD LED better than the competitors?


The very best LED cross from HiTechLED. Monocolor & Bi-color available.


HiTechLED offer the best T5/T8/T10 LED tube .It is on promotion now.