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Location: Service and Support FAQ
Benefits of LED Technology over Standard Lighting

LED's Save on Costs

The energy demands of affordable LED light compared to standard innovation is unbeatably low. In general, we accomplish in converting to LED light without loss of power cost savings of 60-70 %. The significantly lower heat generation decreases the temperature input in the lit space substantially. As an example, altering conventional halogen store lights to LED's, causes a notable reduction in costs for cooling the structure.


Functional Lighting

LED has no delay. 100 % light output is now readily available and used in many applications. LED has no conditional cooling delay, such as those in the hall lighting with metal halide lights or high-pressure gas release lights. Motion detectors are possible even with equipment lights for high shelves. Even at extremely low temperature levels below - 20° C, preheating is not essential (eg for use in sports halls) On the contrary, LED runs at low temperatures in contrast to the gas discharge innovation (fluorescent tubes) and are more reliable, more long lasting and last longer.


Low Maintenance

LED lights have a much longer life when utilized appropriately:. LED tubes around 50,000 hours (fluorescent tubes about 10,000 hours). LED spotlight about 60,000 operating hours (HQI metal halide lights approx 5-15000 hours). LED areas around 30,000 operating hours (halogen spotlight/bulbs about 1000 working hours).


Low Emission

LED lights have no UV and IR radiation part. They do not fade surface areas such as clothes nor do they age or make plastics go fragile. LED makes use of no dangerous substances and gases such as mercury in energy saving light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. There is no glass in LED lights so there is no danger of glass damage and this makes them much safer to utilize in sports centers and in any food processing industry. The majority of LED lights work without 50Hz flicker. This results in a substantial enhancement of job quality specifically when working long hours under synthetic light without any natural daytime.


Changing to LED Lights is Easy

Compared with many energy conserving measures, the conversion to LED lights is really easy. You just alter the bulbs utilizing your existing lamps or ceiling components.