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Hitechled illuminates Mexican roadways with 60W all-in-one solar LED street lights
Release Time: May 10th,2016

Hitechled is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing, producing and marketing of solar/LED lighting products. Hitechled has established our own lab equipments, such as Integrating Spheres, constant temperature humidity chamber, high and low temperature test machine, high pressure test machine, and reflow soldering machine etc. Beside beautiful appearance and better decoration effect, Hitechled pay more attention to improve the luminous efficiency and heat dissipation issue on the basis of achieving the industry technology level, which brings longer life on the condition of same brightness and it also makes a better environmental protection and energy-saving of lighting products.


With years of development and marketing, Hitechled all in one LED solar street light has been a leading brand for green renewable energy. wishing to provide a complete set of end to end solutions for people without access to energy. The Integrated solar LED street light presents a unique all-in-one concept, offering an efficient street lighting to all remote areas, avoiding electricity bills and trenching. As plug and play products, the installation is really easy and takes only few minutes. The smart energy management system guarantees no blackout, even during cloudy periods. More and more people are enjoying the lights from Hitechled today.


Recently, Hitechled 60W all-in-one solar street light has new footprint in Mexico. "It likes the moon, with soft and bright light, keeping the darkness away." Said Mr. Martinez. See how good the effects are.



As per the client's requirement, the 60W HT-SS-1H60 (60W bridgelux LED light+100WH Sunpower Solar+614WH LiFePO4 battery) is designed without motion sensor, preset the brightness by time schedule(1st 4hrs 100% brightness,the next 4hrs 30% brightness,rest hour 50% brightness). "A real 60W is much better than a fake 70W or 80W.It is 3rd time we ordered Hitechled 60w lights. There will be more and more projects come in Mexico soon." said Mr. Martinez.


Hitechled are proud to devote ourselves into eco-friendly renewable energy field and have the change to help people without electricity to keep the darkness away.