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UK Concerned about LED Street Light Upgrades

From: BBC               Date: Nov. 26, 2014

Residents in Dorset County, UK complained new LED streetlights being installed in certain areas in the county have been too bright, while others were concerned with the lack of overnight lighting, according to a BBC report.


To reduce lighting energy consumption, the county switched off streetlights between midnight and 5:30 Am. Council members say the lights are only being switched off in areas where there are no significant road safety and crime.


In areas of Bournemouth and Poole are installing new low-energy LED lights to replace sodium bulbs. A GBP 7 million (US $11 million) project is being rolled out in Bournemouth to retrofit 16,500 streetlights with LEDs, which is expected to save the borough more than GBP 30 million in 30 years.


The borough council also approved a GBP 10 million plan to replace 17,500 streetlights in Poole in the next six years with LEDs, which is hoped to save about GBP 20 million in the next 30 years.


Despite the county efforts, Alison Lynch, a personal trainer in Bournemouth, noted the new LED streetlights left dark patches in between, making night runs fairly difficult around Christchurch.


Another resident Michael Witherden complained the new LED lights were too bright and affecting his sleeping patterns.