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All-in-one Integrated Solar LED Light Applications

"All-In-One" Integrated Solar LED light integrates a highly efficient solar panel, compact Lithium LiFePO4 batteries and a smart power management system into a compact, easy to install product.


During the day the highly efficient solar panel collects energy from the sun and stores that power in the advanced lithium battery. At night the powerful LED's automatically turn on providing ambient light for all to enjoy. When motion is detected, the super bright LED's increase in brightness to provide an abundance of extra lighting for anyone in the area. After 30 seconds or when motion is no longer detected, the light drops down in brightness to conserve power. This intelligent feature allows The Solar Streetlight to save power when no one is in range or utilizing the light, meaning a much longer run time than you would expect from a similar size solar lighting.The motion sensor is the practical way to enjoy brighter than normal light when extra lighting is needed.


As it has long life time which 100% powered by sun and requires no wires,it is widely used in places wherever there is sufficient sunlight,especially for those places where wiring is not enocomic or practicable.Such as,Parking lot lighting, Gate / entrance lighting, Perimeter security lighting, Pathway lighting, County yard / Garden lighting, City greenway lighting, New rural construction lighting, Mountainous area lighting, Pedestrian walkways lighting, Personal villa / residential lighting, Public park / plaza lighting, Campus lane lighting, Farm & ranch lighting, Wildlife area lighting, Dock / pier lighting...


Luminaria Solar Integrada-Farolas Solares Inteligentes from Hitechled on Vimeo.